Hyejin Lee


Hyejin founded THE MEME in 2006 after 15 years of professional and academic experiences in various design industries.

As founder and thought leader, Hyejin leads global business development at THE MEME and continues to provide expert design perspective to clients across projects.

Prior to founding THE MEME, she worked for Samsung and other innovation-centric firms, which allowed her to acquire high-end and cutting edge design experiences such as working on 1994 World Expo exhibitions, facility and experience design for the Olympics (Sydney, Athens), Brand showcases (Samsung at CES-Vegas, IFA-Berlin, Taejon Expo-Korea), and interactive digital media projects (LG, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics).

Hyejin has also taught in Seoul National University’s design department as a visiting professor. She holds a Master of Design Studies degree with a focus in digital media and production environments from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Seoul National University.

Carlos Cardenas

Vice President/Helmsman/Prog Rock Fan

Carlos provides strategic direction and holistic leadership in the integration of research, design, and technology.

Carlos is a cornerstone of THE MEME team and its longest serving member, having first arrived as a design research and strategy consultant while still a doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. After graduating, he was immediately commissioned to serve as Director of Design and Strategy.

Carlos has sought to understand the connection between technology, design, and the human experience throughout his academic and professional career. His clarity of vision and creative approach to problem solving on a service design scale have had an impact on the futures of businesses in multiple industries.

He holds a Doctorate of Design and a Master of Design Studies degree in the digital media concentration, both from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He also has a Graduate Diploma in Multimedia Design and a Bachelor of Architecture, both from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia.

When Carlos is not directing strategy at THE MEME, he likes to relax with the music of prog rock legends like Pink Floyd, Marillion, and Camel.

Darryl James

Strategist/Problem Solver/Provocateur

Darryl serves as lead design strategist and in so doing, gets his daily mental calisthenics by hunting down the most abstract overarching insights and connecting them with the smallest of project details.

With a diverse background in journalism, neuropsychology, anthropology and design research, it’s both his business and pleasure to capture salient themes and wind them together into a story that will shape the offering and carry it into consumers’ hearts and minds.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in both Psychology and Anthropology, an Associates Degree in Photojournalism and he brings all three to bear on the design puzzles he gets to wrestle.

When not tinkering with frameworks, you’ll find him either reading about technology and culture intersections or daydreaming about new ones.

Suzanne Schechtman


Suzanne leads design research at THE MEME, offering a human-centered approach to research operation.

Suzanne offers a unique perspective on how people interact with technology, and how design can in turn influence their behavior, attitudes, and overall well-being. At THE MEME, she has brought her training and expertise in psychology and applied research to numerous projects, employing both quantitative and qualitative research methods to uncover insights about people within their designed context. In her professional life, she has tackled a range of experience design challenges, from digital media and product design innovations to interior design, architecture, and facility planning strategies.

Suzanne holds a Master of Science in applied research, human-environment relations from Cornell University, and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis.

In her spare time, Suzanne consults with The Center for Health Design as a Research Analyst. In her spare-spare time, she lets off steam by playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Rachael Guay

Experience Designer/Tech Nerd/Outdoor Enthusiast

Rachael leads experience design at THE MEME, cultivating smart digital experiences.

Rachael’s passion lies at the intersection of technology and creativity. She is responsible for the happy marriage of discovery and design, which is achieved through compelling visual storytelling. At THE MEME, she creates high quality visual deliverables to communicate clearly the connection of design concepts to user research insights, business goals, design refined prototypes, GUI design elements, and specifications for development and implementation.

She is a strong leader who has led many interactive experience projects for large global brands in many different industries including, electronics, consumer goods/products, entertainment and financial services. One of her many strengths is connecting smart human centered user experience design with conceptual/innovative visual design to create thoughtful digital experiences.

Rachael studied graphic design at Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester, NY

When Rachael is not fostering digital experiences, she is experiencing nature by way of fat downhill skis or a full-suspension mountain bike.

Jina Kim

Office Manager/Contributor/Boss

Jina manages THE MEME’s office space, serving as a detail-driven logistics lifeline and contributing to projects.

A natural organizing force, Jina honed her administrative skills in the offices of US senators and state governors before joining THE MEME as assistant researcher and logistics manager.

Her previous experience analyzing qualitative data while working at the Asian Woman’s Health Initiative Program allows her to support projects in multiple industries. Apart from keeping the office running smoothly, Jina also contributes to initiatives at THE MEME LAB, the firm’s internal R+D unit.

She holds a Bachelor of Political Science degree with honors from Boston University.

Stephanie Cho


Stephanie is an office administrator and project contributor at THE MEME.

Stephanie is responsible for providing administrative support to design teams, keeping THE MEME a well oiled machine. She also participates as documenter and advocate for the firm during international business meetings and contributes to projects based on her design research and communication background.

Stephanie has a BFA and an MFA in Visual Communication Design, both from Seoul National University, as well as an Executive MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics. Prior to joining the team at THE MEME, she worked as a design researcher and a visiting lecturer at multiple schools in Korea.

Jina Zhou

Visual Designer/Maker/Storyteller

Jina serves as visual designer at THE MEME, lending expressive visual communication skills to company projects.

Jina is committed to creating concept-driven design, dynamic visual narratives, and user-centered solutions across multiple platforms. With a diverse background in visual design, psychology, economics, and literature, Jina takes an interdisciplinary approach to solving design challenges.

With over 7 years of design experience, she is primarily interested in telling compelling visual stories and creating engaging experiences distilled from user insights and research. Previously, she worked in the healthcare industry with a focus on brand strategy and visual prototyping and as a consultant on UI/UX projects.

Jina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College and is a graduate of the GDC program at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Andrea Fajardo

UX Designer/Trend Researcher/Icon Evangelist

Andrea serves as market ’insighter’, mind-opener and user advocate throughout the design process. She focuses on trends research, generating insights, and visualizing design concepts.

Previously Andrea worked as a nomad consultant in Product Design Research working in a variety of disciplines on renewable energy projects and packaging design. She also consulted in Service Design, and Visual Communication for Customer Experience and Interaction projects in Latin America and Europe.

She holds a BA in Industrial Design Engineering from TEC Costa Rica and a Master in Service Design from Domus Academy in Italy.

At work or home, she is likely to be seen working near sunlight with a good cup of coffee.

Felice Ling

Ethnographer/Participant Observer/Hogwarts Dropout

Felice conducts design research at THE MEME, boosting research and design operations by advocating for the user’s point of view.

Felice brings her experience conducting immersive fieldwork in the streets of Chicago to the research challenges that THE MEME takes on. She utilizes her training in anthropology to get at the diversity of perspectives that inform user experiences, analytically teasing out insights from the mass of collected data. Her prior experiences include various urban innovation projects, as well as two years spent teaching English in a small Chinese city; it was there that she tried her first donkey burger and learned that she didn’t particularly enjoy the taste of deep-fried crickets.

Felice holds a Master of Arts in Social Sciences, with a focus on anthropology, from the University of Chicago. She has a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and English from Amherst College. She didn’t quite graduate from Hogwarts but doubles as a professional magician on her spare time.

Kostas Terzidis


Kostas runs THE MEME LAB, an internal R+D unit for non-client projects.

Kostas is a creative technologist with an original background in the threshold between arts, architecture, and computer science, where industry meets academia.

Having served as the first Chief Technology Officer for THE MEME, Kostas has participated in key business development activities throughout fast-moving, high-tech sectors in Asia. As head of THE MEME LAB, he vets potential internal projects, manages R+D processes, and determines spin-out strategy for products and services developed within THE MEME.

An author, he has written several books on form-making, morphing, virtual reality, and self-organization. His most recent work, Algorithms for Visual Design, provides students, programmers, and researchers the technical, theoretical, and design means to develop code that will help them experiment with design problems.

He was a longtime Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Michigan, a Master of Architecture from Ohio State University, and a Diploma of Engineering from the Aristotelion University in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Meli Glenn

Education Evangelist / EdTech Expert

Meli serves as our education expert at THE MEME, providing business development and expertise to company projects.

Meli brings ten years of experience in partnership development, content creation and technology, business strategy, teacher training, and educational research. Her experience in developing educational products and services has brought her to London, Kenya, Haiti, Guinea, India, and Benin. She is driven to align education innovation with design and technology, connecting with organizations and individuals who crave radical advances in learning, teaching and design.