We are a strategic design consultancy.

Design for New Ventures

We partner with entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop products and services that people love.

We help founders accelerate their startups to market success through design.

Tailored Services


An introductory collaborative session designed to get to know each other better, help us understand your business and assess your current design acceleration needs.

1 Day
Free Triage Session
Assess current product/service
Propose potential collaboration opportunities
Re-prioritize design work.


Based on agreed priorities, we engage in either strategic or very focused tactical projects to help you achieve clear design direction.

5-6 weeks for strategy
Understand your current consumer
Discover Business opportunities
Prioritize key features
Define MVP / Product Prototype
Basic visual design guideline

- or

5-6 weeks for design
Validate Product Concept
Product Architecture and User Flow
Develop interaction models
Key screen / feature designs


We design all the details including UX flows, wireframes, final UI and help software development with fast track process.

10-12 weeks
Plug-in +
Refine prototype
Validate prototype with users
Create wireframes
Develop detailed UX/UI design
Develop UI design assets
Collaborate with development team

If you are interested in learning more please email us at info@thememedesign.com